There's been a long time, but I was taken in the eternal movement of life.

Sometimes, I just sit and wonder why is it so like the sunfire.

All these sounds coming from deep inside. All this fury, that is mere illusion.

I just wonder when the sun goes down, we don't even choose it. When we choose, it's just an impression,

We don't choose. We don't choose to love, we don't choose to stay, we just do the things that must be

done to keep on going.

Why is it on earth that some people are never satisfied with what they have, when it's happiness

they must find something wrong to breach it. they can't get enough, never!

It must be the foolishness of their hearts that brings them to let the sun go down on them!

When I sit and look around, I just see that it's not worth it fighting the events, they just happen

you think you master them, it's true to a certain extent, but the feelings are here, and you can't but be

sad and angry when the sun goes like fire.

It's true then the night comes. The only way to handle it is to think that night is also part of the game

and that's good too to have shares of night in this life.

The only way to make it through life is to accept the choices, even if you think you didn't make them!

Sometimes, it's good to think your life in a different way and find that maybe you deserve better

than those people who love you so much that they can't stay with you forever.

Yes, it sounds paradoxical, but I swear it does exist, trust me!

And that's all I wanted to share with you, I can't share more....  Let me know if you think the same.