There are love moments in life that last eternally within your heart.

Wherever you travel and whomever you meet, a day at the beach with your

soulmate is unforgettable!

There are soulmates that are meant to be together and others who can't

manage to spend their lives with each others no matter how hard they try!

But there is a reason to every event and to every love song!

Unforgettable blue skies and waters that remain in the heart

Cherished instants that fill your soul with dreams from beyond

You ask yourself what did I do to deserve so much blessing

And then you look around you and you see that you're feeling like you want to spend the rest of your life

couplesensing the beauties of a shared moment, of a tenderness

You ask yourself, will it be everlasting?

But emotions remain. Some people can't believe it,

however, it does exist!

It is a pleasure experiencing a sleep beside the one you love

It's like sleeping on a cloud

It's when you realize how dear is that person that you know it'll last in your heart.

Treasure those moments, they are brief in a lifetime.

There is always a corner in your heart that will be filled with the love you have. No one could ever take it from you unless you decide it!